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After extensive consultation with members, it’s time to set the agenda for negotiations of your new workplace agreement.

The members’ log of claims is the key negotiating document for your workplace agreement. It spells out what we want to see in our new EA, and it’s been developed from your survey responses over the last 4 weeks.

Now is the time to decide your position on the future of work at Bankwest, by endorsing the log of claims and negotiating agenda.

Here are some of the key points.


  • Salary increases that keep ahead of the cost of living and reward employee contributions to Bankwest.
  • Guaranteed pay increase provided to all employees covered by the Bankwest Agreement.
  • Employer superannuation contributions are to be increased to provide employee dignity in retirement

Workloads and Flexible work arrangements

  • Staffing levels must allow for employees to complete work within ordinary hours and provide genuine work/life balance
  • Flexible work arrangements must be based on employee choice and control, including making it easier to opt for RDOs.
  • Flexible arrangements for how people work their hours, including working compressed hours arrangements, shorter weeks, or outside the span of hours must not result in a loss of pay.

See the full log of claims here


Endorse the log of claims here

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary