Bargaining report – Westpac can do better for staff

On Wednesday we held another enterprise agreement negotiation where we told Westpac management we need fair workloads and deserve a decent pay increase.

For up to the minute updates on negotiation for our new Enterprise Agreement, join the FSU WhatsApp group –“WBC Group Workers Chat”.

FSU members throughout the Group report that issues of workloads that can’t be completed within work hours, job cuts, workplace closures, understaffing, and our need for a real cost of living wage increase, keep putting more and more pressure on staff.

The extra pressure from our increasing workloads, is being exacerbated by the cost blowout of petrol and groceries. Many of us are falling into serious financial hardship. Something has to give!

Let’s stand together and tell Westpac now that workloads are out of control and we deserve better. Tell the Bank here.

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Together we’ll show Westpac that real cost-of-living wages and the need for reasonable workloads across all Group worksites cannot be ignored any longer.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary