28 November 2019

Bargaining Update #4

Tell us your stories on pay and hours of work

Dear Colleagues,

Here are some bargaining items we’re still waiting to hear back from NAB:

  • Clarification on definition of reasonable additional hours of work, given we know many of you are working excessive hours without pay – still waiting for response
  • Access to your long service leave after 7 years of service – still waiting for response
  • An increase in paid parental leave from 12 to 26 weeks and an increase in paid secondary carer’s leave from 2 to 4 weeks – still waiting for response
  • Clear targets and processes outlining the reduction of the gender pay gap – no response
  • Annual leave requests to be actioned within 2 weeks – NAB’s response is ‘No’

This week management tried to tell us that the remuneration model is working well for us.

NAB provided data that shows about two-thirds of Group 3 and 4 employees got an annual pay rise but that data includes floor rate increases and promotions. It’s actually worse. And let’s not forget the 21.1% Gender Pay Gap.

Let’s Cut through the Spin!

Tell us your stories about stagnating wages, excessive hours, unpaid overtime, or being paid less than your colleagues because of your gender, so we can share them at the next bargaining meeting. Your anonymity is guaranteed.

Email your story to:
before 6 December 2019.

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Faithfully Yours,
Your Union Bargaining Team
Rupi, Helen, Myrna, Paul


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