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Since January your FSU Team have been surveying Bendigo staff across the country to understand what matters to you, what changes you want to see and what improvements need to be made as we enter negotiations for a new Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Enterprise Agreement.

Last week, your FSU Reps met to discuss the results of the survey as we prepare to commence negotiations with Bendigo at the end of March. While we continue to analyse the individual responses from the survey, there were some clear themes that emerged – staff reported increasing cost of living pressures and the need for a pay rise that addresses this, job security, serious understaffing, increased workloads since COVID and the need to continue working from home arrangements.

Your FSU Reps unanimously agreed that our agenda for this enterprise agreement campaign must address the following key issues:

  • Pay
  • Job security
  • Work/Life balance
  • Staffing and workloads
  • Flexible working and working from home

Show your support for our enterprise agreement campaign 

Show your support for our campaign by answering this simple question – do you agree with your FSU Reps bargaining agenda?


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There is also an opportunity to provide feedback so if you were unable to complete our survey, you can provide further information about what is important to you and what changes you would like to see at Bendigo.

We will continue to engage and consult with members and develop a detailed log of claims in the lead up to the negotiation meetings at the end of March.

There’s power in being union

Late last year, after months of negotiations FSU members at both NAB and BOQ were presented with enterprise agreements that failed to address workers’ key issues – including those that have also been reported at Bendigo Bank.

After concerted campaigns and through an active FSU membership, both these offers were rejected by staff – forcing their employers to meet again and make improvements to their offers.  Both these are great examples of workers standing together to defend and improve their rights at work.

We can do that here. But we need you. If you are not a member, or know someone that should join, join here

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Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary