A Better CBA for
Part-Time Employees

Dear member,

My name is Val and I’ve been a Concierge at CBA for 32 years. As a part-timer, I know there are a range of issues that affect us specifically. Our union is committed to making sure these are addressed in the new CBA enterprise agreement.

The main issues impacting part-time staff:

  • We’re the first to have our hours cut, then regularly asked to work additional hours
  • CBA don’t genuinely consider the impact of reducing our hours on our lives
  • Long service leave for part-time staff is calculated in a way that is confusing, opaque and leaves us uncertain about our entitlements
  • We don’t feel that our contribution is recognised by CBA

I’ve seen many colleagues leave the bank disappointed because they can’t get the hours they need to balance their home lives and their finances when changes are made.

The FSU bargaining team, have proposed the following measures be included in the new enterprise agreement to support part-time staff like us. These solutions were developed off the back of your feedback to the union in 2019.

The union is proposing the following:

  • 25% loading paid on all work above your contracted (but below 38) hours to ensure additional hours are treated as such and part timers aren’t treated like casuals.
  • A fairer process around changes to hours, location and rosters.
  • Fairer dispute resolution with access to arbitration before an independent umpire when disputes can’t be resolved.
  • There are two things that must happen to make sure our claims are taken seriously and the new enterprise agreement works for part timers.

The first one is that part-time staff need to come together to support our claims and each other. This will show CBA that they can’t ignore part timers in this agreement. Register your support here.

The second is that we need to ask our part time colleagues to get on board as well. We’re stronger when we stick together, so please invite your colleagues to join this campaign!

Together we can ensure that CBA respects the contribution of Part-Timers in the future.

Valerie Street

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary