BOQ Bosses Bingo – the bosses are at it!

It hasn’t taken long, but already FSU members are marking off their BOQ Bosses Bingo sheets as they hear management talk about BOQ’s dodgy offer.

Just last Friday we saw the Group Executive People and Culture send an email to all staff claiming that BOQ “cannot continue to provide the back payment to 1 September 2022 or $1,000 payment” if the proposed EA is not accepted by employees.

We have written to BOQ outlining that this misleading statement is contrary to the good faith bargaining obligations at section 228 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) and demanded that BOQ make a statement to all staff acknowledging this breach.

A more accurate statement from BOQ would have been not that they cannot provide it, rather, they don’t want to. In other words, accept our dodgy offer now because we don’t want to have to pay you more.
These matters are all within the remit of negotiations – with a successful NO vote, we can demand a better offer which includes back pay.

Don’t be like these people below who didn’t get what they thought they would – Vote No now. Speak to your colleagues and if you’re not already a member, join the FSU today.



Your FSU team.