BOQ EA ballot announced! Get ready to Vote NO!

Get ready to Vote NO – BOQ are pressing ahead with their proposal of cuts to pay and conditions in an all-staff ballot from Monday 12 December to Friday 16 December.

We told them their offer isn’t good enough.

We told them this is without the support of union members.

We told them union members will be campaigning to get a strong NO vote.

Sound familiar? We recently told NAB the same thing and this week NAB members won their NO vote! Read about it Here!

Now it’s your turn to send BOQ a message that their offer is not good enough by voting NO when the ballot opens!

Register below to attend an urgent union briefing to hear the details of BOQ’s proposals and what we need to do next.


Zoom Registrations – tuesday 6th December, 1pm AEDT

Zoom Registrations – tuesday 6th December, 7pm AEDT

Zoom Registrations – tuesday 6th December, 9pm AEDT

Zoom Registrations – wednesday 7th December, 1pm AEDT

Zoom Registrations – thursday 8th December, 1pm AEDT


Why Vote NO?

BOQ’s proposal will mean:

  • Real wage cuts over the next 3 years
  • Cuts to redundancy entitlements
  • Cuts to overtime entitlements
  • Hierarchies of long service leave entitlements
  • Removal of RDO’s for new starters

Here is a summary of our concerns.

Voting NO and rejecting BOQ’s offer is the only way that we can get a better deal.

If we Vote No, BOQ are obliged under good faith bargaining laws to return to the negotiating table. This means that at the end of the ballot we will request an urgent meeting demanding an improved offer!

Questions and Feedback

If you have any questions, please contact your FSU Representative or email

And if you know someone who is not an FSU member or you’re not sure if they’re a union member, then ask them: Will you join us to fight for a better deal?

Your FSU Team