Cost Cutting is the New Black

At our negotiation meeting for our new Enterprise Agreement this morning, BOQ management made one thing clear – cost cutting is the new black at the BOQ Group.

Wondering why BOQ management is proposing to slash your retrenchment entitlements?  Cost cutting.

Curious about why the BOQ pay proposal would see your pay go backwards in real terms?  Cost cutting.

And why are they so obsessed with cost cutting?  They want to “future-proof” the Bank.  But what about our futures?

Today BOQ management took us through their proposals on retrenchment, parental leave, gender affirmation leave, family violence leave, meal allowance, standby and callback allowances, working from home, and the structure of the Agreement.

We are pleased to see that FSU members have won a small shift in the BOQ proposal on retrenchment, and there is a long way to go.  There has been little, if any, movement on the remainder of their proposals so far.

How do we shift BOQ management?  By standing together in our Union community and demanding a fair deal.  You can join our Union community here.

We have work to do. 

TODAY, endorse the FSU log of claims and speak to five colleagues about why they need to endorse it now.

Have questions about the enterprise bargaining process?  Our FSU community is here!  Reply to this email or reach out to us on 1300 366 378.

In unity,
Your FSU Reps

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary