More Detail on Management’s Claim

Yesterday we met with BOQ Management to continue negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement. It was the BOQ Management’s opportunity to provide detail on their claims.

We are still a long way apart on important entitlements like pay, retrenchment payments, working from home rights and RDO’s.  We have more work to do – watch this space for how we will work together to secure a fair Enterprise Agreement.

BOQ Management Proposals:

  • Long Service Leave Staff will be able to access pro rata long service leave after 7 years of service. ME bank employees employed prior to this Agreement will be able to access pro rata long service leave at 5 years.
  • Public holidays. FSU is seeking all work on Public Holidays be voluntary in the first instance. BOQ Management is seeking the ability to be able to force us to work on public holidays.
  • Community service. As per the National Employment Standards, community service leave will continue to be available for jury duty, Australian Defence Force requirements, voluntary emergency management and any other approved community service.
  • Compassionate leave. FSU is claiming 5 days of compassionate leave. BOQ Management is proposing 2 days of compassionate leave. BOQ Management are also seeking to limit how much of your personal leave you can use for compassionate leave. BOQ say they wouldn’t unreasonably refuse access to personal leave, but they are not willing to put this in the agreement.
  • Higher duties. BOQ Management is proposing that higher duties pay rates will be paid after 4 days working in the higher role at the minimum ordinary hourly rate or an extra 3%, whichever is higher.
  • Personal/Carer’s leave. BOQ management is proposing 10 days per year of personal/carer’s leave. The FSU is seeking 12 days per year.
  • Annual Leave Planning. The FSU has been successful in forcing BOQ to reduce their definition of excessive leave from 4 weeks to 6 weeks.  This means that you will not be forced to use your leave before you have accrued 6 weeks of leave.
  • Workers compensation make up pay. This clause applies where you are receiving a workers compensation payment – BOQ Group would top up the amount you are receiving to your normal amount of pay.  We are reviewing this clause, but it appears to be ok from our initial reading.
  • Types of employment – BOQ Management is proposing the following employment types:
    • Full time – anyone working 38 hours a week, or for ME employees employed prior to the commencement of the new Agreement, 36.5 hours;
    • Part time –  anyone working less than 38 hours per week and for ME employees employed prior to the new Agreement, less than 36.5 hours per week. Minimum engagement is 3 hours.
    • Casual employees can have a minimum engagement of 2 hours. The FSU is claiming for this to be lifted to 3 hours.
    • Fixed term and maximum Term Contracts.

FSU Claims:

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leave/ Cultural Observance Leave. The FSU have claimed 5 days each year for both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Cultural Observance leave.

If you have any feedback on these positions, reply to this email – your voice matters!

Next week we will be discussing the relationship between BOQ Group and the FSU and BOQ will be tabling a draft of the new Enterprise Agreement.

Your FSU Rep Team

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary