BOQ EB: What are you worth?

Negotiations for a new BOQ Enterprise Agreement began on 5 July and to date there have been four meetings.

Negotiations for a new BOQ Enterprise Agreement began on 5 July and to date there have been four meetings.

Much has progressed smoothly.  However, there are some key issues that are yet to be resolved:  pay;  performance bonuses; and performance objectives.  We now need member consultation and feedback on these matters.

Pay increases

Your Union tabled our members claim of a minimum 3% pay increase per annum.  BOQ has rejected this and tabled 2.5% annual pay increase.

Performance bonuses

BOQ wants to remove all bonuses from the Enterprise Agreement, with bonus dealt solely by policy.  BOQ rejected the FSU tabled clause that would see the bonus pool quantum included in the new agreement, thus ensuring overall employee access to a bonus pool was guaranteed.

Performance Objectives

The setting, reviewing and assessment of performance objectives was a key concern of FSU members as staffing and other matters outside the control of the employee impact on the ability to achieve targets within normal working hours.  BOQ has rejected FSU’s proposal, advising that they have no issue with the current clause and that the wording provided in the FSU Clause around performance objectives was too specific.

Worker Council Rejects these positions

Your negotiators and your Worker Council believe the pay offer and the BOQ positions in relation to performance bonuses and performance objectives are unacceptable.  As well there are ongoing discussions about staffing and relief with BOQ claiming that there is no staffing issue and that the casual relief pool is sufficient to deal with staff absences.

Sign the petition

If you and your colleagues think you are worth more and want BOQ to address the real issues facing you on a day to day basis, we are asking you to sign the petition calling on BOQ to improve the pay offer and take seriously employee concerns about those things that directly impact on their day to day roles.  The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for Friday 28 September.  Fill in the petition by clicking here to ensure BOQ can hear your concerns.

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