BOQ Negotiations Begin – FSU Reps present Log of Claims

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Last Thursday the FSU and BOQ Enterprise Bargaining Teams met in Brisbane to begin negotiations for a new Enterprise Agreement at BOQ.  Protocols and timelines for bargaining were agreed and bargaining claims were presented.

Some of our FSU key claims, endorsed by your FSU Workers Council, are:

  • A minimum annual pay increase of at least 3% across the board
  • An increase to Superannuation Guarantee which is not absorbed into the Employee’s total remuneration
  • Superannuation to be paid for periods of unpaid parental leave
  • A review of Performance objectives, appraisal and bonus payments to ensure transparency and fairness and provide the opportunity for employees to have a say
  • Inclusion of measures to ensure relief staff are rostered for planned and unplanned absences
  • An increase from 5 days to 10 days paid Domestic Violence leave and 5 days paid Domestic and Family Violence leave for those who are supporting a victim of domestic violence.
  • An OH&S review of ICON Branches be undertaken.

To see the full claim click here:

The next meeting is on Friday 20 July and the agenda for discussions includes:

  • Cashing out of long service leave
  • Eligibility for special leave
  • Enhancements to Domestic Violence Leave; and
  • Administrative and technical changes

If you have views on these agenda items, please email them to or contact one of the Workers Council members.  You’re encouraged to play an active part in the negotiations for your new Enterprise Agreement.

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Authorised By: Julia Angrisano, National Secretary

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary