27 June 2019

B&P Restructure — Are Leadership Listening?

There’s been a lot of feedback coming through about the B & P restructure proposal. Big questions remain around workloads, work/life balance, and career development and support under the proposal.

Questions About the Viability of the Proposal

The feeling amongst staff is that decisions being made by the leadership team about staffing, processes, and support for customers are not consistent with the desire to be the best business bank – they’re more about cost savings.

Feedback from across the country indicates that legitimate concerns about workloads and support into the future have not been adequately answered by the bank. These concerns are exacerbated because processes and arrangements are still being trialled only weeks out from going live, and feedback from the trial site is often underwhelming.

Employees report that despite trials working with current staffing levels, they’re still struggling to cope with demand. This raises serious questions about what the working environment will look like once the cuts take effect.

FSU Calls for Urgent Meeting

FSU has called for a meeting between FSU workplace leaders and B & P management representatives next week. We want to be comfortable that the proposal stacks up – and that we will be able to support our customers and work in a healthy environment after the cuts take effect.

What Would You Like to Ask the Leadership Team?

We’ve already collated some questions about staffing, workloads and fair pay. If you have specific questions for the NAB leadership team about the proposal, email nabmembers@fsunion.org.au.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary