8 April 2020

Breaking: ANZ agree to pay $128 WFH payment; won’t rule out restructures; will force staff to reduce leave balances

How are you being impacted?

In our rapidly changing environment, we’re seeing unprecedented changes – the ACTU is working alongside peak business bodies and the Morrison government, finance employers are suspending sales targets and millions of workers and children are working and studying from home.

In this environment we’d hope that ANZ would work collaboratively with the FSU and your elected representatives to provide ANZ staff with the confidence that we can set aside our differences and work together.

Unfortunately, ANZ continues to make announcements to staff prior to engaging in consultation and is refusing to rule out major changes which might result in job losses in the short and medium term.

FSU officials met with ANZ executives last week and discussed a WFH payment, as well as our request that any large-scale changes be held off at this time. It is disappointing that ANZ did not flag the WFH payment that was announced this week; they have also gone out to staff late yesterday with a new requirement that staff access their leave between now and September.

ANZ should have flagged this initiative when we met with them last week.

FSU members have questions about how this will be implemented and what this means for their circumstances – had this announcement been made after consultation we have no doubt some of these questions could have been avoided.

Do you have concerns about this new requirement? Share your story anonymously with other FSU members here: www.actionnetwork.org/forms/covid19feedback

Do you think ANZ should put a hold on restructures during this time?

Sign the FSU petition calling on ANZ and other employers to sign up to minimum standards here: www.actionnetwork.org/forms/fsu-covid19/

Check out our latest correspondence to ANZ HERE!

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