BREAKING NEWS: BOQ are putting their dodgy deal to a ballot – vote NO!

We’ve just finished our last bargaining meeting with BOQ, and it has become clear that management want you to settle for real-terms pay cuts along with other cuts to terms and conditions.

BOQ told us that they will be putting their current offer to a vote without support from you or your union representatives.

That means it’s time for you and your colleagues to get ready to VOTE NO against BOQ’s dodgy offer when the ballot opens in December.

Why should we Vote NO to BOQs dodgy offer?

BOQs offer fails to address our key concerns, and instead have proposed:

  • Three years of pay going backwards as inflation soars above 7% and expected to remain high
  • Smaller wage increases the more you earn with some not guaranteed any increases at all
  • Slashing redundancy entitlements for new starters creating a two-tier system
  • Cutting the eligibility to claim overtime for many including anyone earning over $95K (or $105K for some team leaders and Group Tech roles)
  • Rolling annual leave loading into your base pay
  • Creating hierarchies of long service leave entitlements
  • Removing entitlements to RDOs for new starters or when you accept a new role earning more than $95K (ME Bank Legacy)
  • Continue to ignore your workload concerns

This comes at a time when the BOQ group increased net profit by 15%, the CEO George Frazis received a 14% pay increase and Senior Executives received an average of 8% pay increase!

What happens next?

BOQ are to provide an updated draft agreement containing the full details of their dodgy offer and we will provide you with further analysis of BOQs offer in the coming days.

BOQ will confirm the details of a ballot. At this stage we anticipate this to be in mid-December.

The only way we can win a better deal is if we VOTE NO and ask our colleagues to do the same. You can start by committing to Vote NO here if you haven’t already:

Click here: BOQ can do better!

If a majority of us vote NO to reject BOQ’s dodgy deal, we will have a strong mandate to get a better deal at the negotiating table.

And if you’re not a member of the FSU yet, join here.

Your FSU Reps

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary