CBA tea break wage claim


Under the Commonwealth Bank Group Enterprise Agreement 2020, all employees are entitled to one ten-minute paid tea break for shifts more than three hours, and another for shifts of five hours and above.  


It has come to our attention that many CBA branch employees are currently unable to take these tea breaks.

If you’ve not been given these ten-minute paid breaks as per your entitlement, then this is extra time that you’ve given the Bank, and that you’re entitled to be paid for. 

If you are working full time, you could be owed as much as $15,000 in back pay. It’s only fair that you be paid for all of your entitlements. 

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Your FSU Team

P.S We know that CBA used IAs (or contracts) to “buy out” entitlements such as the right to these rest breaks, and while we think seeking compensation for our IA colleagues is a much less straightforward proposal, we’d like to explore that further with you, so please still register with that in mind!

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