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There are major changes being proposed across the Broker industry. Mortgage brokers have always been an independent and vital part of the finance sector and our communities. It’s now more important than ever that Mortgage Brokers have a voice to ensure customer choice and healthy competition continue across the sector.

With an election looming, things are moving fast. Although change is inevitable, the policy positions of the major parties are shifting almost daily.

Together we can build just solutions

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For mortgage brokers there is no time to lose. The FSU is offering you a seat at the table so you can set the agenda for your industry, and ensure mortgage brokers continue to have successful businesses and proudly serve their communities.

With a critical mass of Mortgage Brokers on board the FSU will move to address 3 main issues:

  1. Professional Engagement including lobbying govt and regulators around changes to regulation, and to seek protections and improvements for the working environment(including qualifications, CPD and changes to remuneration)
  2. Training – part of the professionalising model is continuing education requirements. We could provide such training on an online basis free of charge to members
  3. Representation. The FSU is the only organisation that can offer representation in statutory disciplinary matters, along with industrial representation which is currently missing from the industry. We can provide a professional voice for Mortgage Brokers that purely represents the interests of Mortgage Brokers

You cannot influence events by being on the sidelines – the FSU is offering brokers a unique opportunity to shape the industry but it will only happen if you take the next step and join the FSU.

Next steps will be critical

Look out for the FSU Mortgage Broker survey: as Mortgage Brokers you know more than others what solutions might look like. Your feedback will be critical on how we progress these issues where your interests are front and centre. As such, FSU is developing a survey that will be sent to all Brokers.

Join the FSU straight away alongside a growing number of your Mortgage Broker colleagues. This is critical if we are to be a voice of influence.

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It is time to take this opportunity to shape the future of our industry.

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