Is your workplace good for your health?

Looking after our health doesn’t stop when we clock on for work.

We all know how much our health suffers when work is stressful, unrewarding or even toxic. Last year, 56% of finance workers reported that their mental health suffered because of their work.

Want to understand more about workplace health, why it’s important, and what we can do to improve it? Come to our HEALTH campaign launch on Wednesday 8 June at 1pm AEST!



The launch includes a discussion with Professor Maureen Dollard, a world-renowned expert on psychological health at work, and Julia Angrisano, National Secretary of the FSU. We’ll talk about what healthy workplaces look like, and how we can start building them with our colleagues.

We hope to see you there!

FSU Workplace Health Quiz

Does your workplace really look after your health? Use our new online assessment tool to find out – it should only take you two minutes.

By understanding our workplace health now, we can begin working with our colleagues across the industry to build better, healthier workplaces.