Tell Jason Chan we deserve fair pay

The Bank's offer is below the cost of living.

After our latest negotiations with Bankwest Management, the Bank’s insulting pay offer is still our most significant concern. Their offer is below the cost of living.

Jason Chan (Bankwest Executive General Manager) could resolve this TODAY – send Jason a direct message now!


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Bankwest wants us to take a pay cut

The Reserve Bank forecasts inflation and cost of living pressures will rise to 3.75% by June 2022, then 3.25% in December. Even while declaring a half year result of $4.7bn, CBA CEO Matt Comyn predicted Australia’s underlying inflation rate will average 3% to 3.5% in 2022.

Despite this, Management refused to adjust their offer of annual pay rises at 3% – below the predictions for cost of living.

This would mean a real wage cut for three years.

Jason Chan could resolve this today by agreeing to our claim for 3.25% a year, for the life of the EA.

Send Jason a message right now.


Members campaign for further improvements

Yesterday FSU members resolved to continue campaigning for an Agreement that protects our rights and meets the cost of living challenges in the years ahead.

After the massive feedback we sent – our open letter to Jason was signed by over 1,000 members – Management already agreed to these improvements:

  • Drop their claim for redeployment to CBA roles
  • Reinstate the promotions clause into the EA
  • Improvements to part-time overtime rates on Saturdays

It is important Jason hears from all Bankwest colleagues, so we can achieve fair recognition for our work. Share this page and ask your team to send him a message too.


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary