We're meeting with the bank on 27 Jan

BWA Level 3 and above...
Your feedback is essential

Hello and Happy New Year to you,

Recently FSU conducted a survey with BWA members which revealed that pay was a major issue for Level 3 colleagues but equally so are the long hours managers needed to work in order to reach their targets.

FSU held a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 8th December where we asked participants to provide feedback about what a future Enterprise Agreement may look like if these Level 3 and above colleagues could be included in such an agreement.

For many years FSU have asked the bank to allow managers to return to the EA and without hesitation the bank has said no.


There is a meeting scheduled with the bank on the 27th January to pursue this claim. It will be a hard push to get them to move on this and so, if we are to succeed, we will need your help.

We need any examples of poor management practices. For example, were there factual reasons given for no pay increase? Did management ignore excessive hours worked? And were targets discussed or negotiated?

Please let us know if there any other examples where you believe the bank has treated someone with less respect than Level 1 and 2s.

We particularly ask you to review the current EA and identify any clauses you don’t believe are relevant to your role.

Please send your feedback to us by COB 20th January 2021.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary