BWA Managers deserve a better deal

Inclusion in the EA means fair pay rises

Members continue to be frustrated by lack of transparency about how and when salary increases are decided by the bank. We need your feedback and encourage you to tell us how you feel.

Should Managers be included in the next BWA Enterprise Agreement?

Managers say YES – and you’ve shared why this is so important to you. Your feedback includes:

  • 96% say a guaranteed pay rise is important
  • 74% work 40 to 50 hours or more per week. A further 11% say they consistently work 50 to 60 hours (or more) per week.
  • 72% say a guarantee of Paid Parental Leave is important (20% said it wasn’t applicable to them).
  • 93% want to be able to access their personal leave for preventative health/medical appointments.
  • And 100% say fair and transparent performance objectives are important.

Next Steps

We invite you to join us in a Zoom meeting at 5pm WA time on Tuesday 8th December.

We will discuss the feedback from BWA managers, and make plans for the important steps we are going to take to get a positive outcome.

Register here:

FSU Zoom session, 5pm WA time
Tuesday 8 December 2020


Please share this email with your colleagues and encourage them to join with you in this important step towards a better deal for Managers.

In Unity,
Dianne Marshall
Local Executive Secretary, WA Branch

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary