Are you a CA1 employee in a NAB Branch?

CA1 staff and CA2 duties – does this affect you?

Early this year NAB announced that CA1 branch staff would be provided with training opportunities to perform additional duties. NAB have presented this as an important means by which CA1 staff can develop their skills and adapt to new ways of working across NAB branches.

While NAB have communicated that the training being provided is not intended to move CA1 employees into CA2 roles, there are a number of CA1s who have raised concerns as to where this might lead. In particular, those CA1 members have clearly indicated that they do not wish to undergo training that will require them to perform CA2 duties as they have either no interest in taking on the role or are concerned about their ability to perform it successfully.

Can NAB require a CA1 employee to perform the duties of a CA2?

The answer is no. The CA2 is a different role and you are not obligated to perform those duties. If you do agree to perform the duties of a CA2, NAB are required to pay you at that level.

Your Union has recently met with NAB Management representatives who have confirmed this is the Bank’s position. At this meeting NAB have asked to be provided with any examples of CA1 employees who have been required to perform the duties of a CA2 without their agreement.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary