Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? The NAB doesn’t think you can.

Further EBA delays!

The FSU has been informed by the NAB that the ballot for our new Enterprise Agreement has stalled indefinitely. Today you received a letter from NAB – it states they have decided to suspend progressing to an all staff ballot for a new Enterprise Agreement, which was supposed to proceed mid-May.

The FSU does not agree with this position. We believe in these times of uncertainty it is more important than ever for staff to have secure conditions of employment. NAB notified FSU of their intention to postpone the ballot just over 24 hours ago and we have been working hard to try to convince NAB to change their decision – but they have decided to proceed.

NAB have provided the FSU with a letter confirming they will pass on all of the negotiated positions over the coming two years, however without them being embedded in a new certified Agreement they are  free to change their mind at any time and legally there will be no recourse if this occurs.

Share your views: FSU online member meetings

The FSU is holding member meetings over the coming week: if you haven’t registered yet please register now, it is vitally important that we hear your views about whether you want to proceed with a ballot and secure your new salary increases and changes to conditions or not.

Register for member meetings at:

Do you think NAB’s reason for this decision stacks up?

We also want your immediate feedback on NAB’s explanation for backing down:

“We believe now is not an appropriate time to require our employees to review terms and conditions whilst we ask them to focus on our customers’ needs during the global pandemic’”

To agree or disagree with NAB’s statement, go to:

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary