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No more work from home flexibility, says Sian Lewis

By now you’ll have heard that CBA is mandating staff attend the office for at least 50%...
26 | 05 | 23

CBA paid time reps meetings: – Important enterprise bargaining update

Please join us at one of the following PAID TIME FSU Reps’ meetings to discuss the...
24 | 05 | 23

CBA EA23 A message from your Bargaining Team

We’re your FSU bargaining representatives and are employees of CBA just like you. With...
23 | 05 | 23

CBA to cut another 224 jobs! Info sessions for affected members

Unfortunately, last week we saw yet another announcement from CBA that they are cutting...
08 | 05 | 23

CBA Doesn’t Have A Staffing Problem?

As negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement continue, we are committed to addressing...
05 | 05 | 23

Discuss pay, staffing, workloads, and job security – CBA EA info sessions

Make your voice heard on key issues like pay, job security, staffing and workloads by...
14 | 04 | 23

Our local CBA jobs are at risk – here’s what we can do

As you may know, CBA has recently announced the offshoring of another 44 local CBA jobs...
13 | 04 | 23

CBA: Are you affected by contract simplification?

Have you received a recent email about the Contract Simplification Program? CBA has...
06 | 04 | 23
Member Updates

Fighting for pay, job security and staffing

Your FSU Bargaining Team have met with CBA negotiators for the initial meetings to...
31 | 03 | 23