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Member Updates

Urgent FSU Briefing sessions – EA Ballot to commence 23rd Nov

Today, NAB’s Senior Executive Team confirmed that they will put their proposal of cuts...
04 | 11 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

EA Ballot Results – Majority Vote to accept EA Proposal

It has been announced today that the proposed Westpac Group Enterprise Agreement has been...
02 | 11 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

Last Chance To Vote NO

Our Westpac EA ballot closes at 5pm AEDT today! If you haven’t yet voted, now is your...
01 | 11 | 22
Member Updates

NAB abandons staff and forces unfair ballot

Yesterday your FSU Bargaining team reconvened with NAB, to raise concerns about the...
28 | 10 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

WBC EA Ballot Open – Have you voted No?

This week the CEO continued to push the Bank’s message that it’s an “all or...
27 | 10 | 22
Member Updates

NAB’s walking away from negotiations – what happens now?

In meeting with your FSU Bargaining team yesterday, NAB confirmed that they will walk...
25 | 10 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

WBC EA2022 – 4 days to go!

What happens when we reject management’s offer at the ballot? The Bank have said that...
21 | 10 | 22
Member Updates

If George gets a 14% pay increase, why don’t we?

You might have seen an email from BOQ Management claiming that their proposed increases...
18 | 10 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

WBC EA2022 – Vote No to WBC’s cut in pay and conditions

As Westpac Group members and Union leaders we are calling on you to act. On Tuesday 25...
17 | 10 | 22