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Member Updates

Cbus & Union win! Better pay and conditions at Cbus

Thanks to you and your union colleagues sticking together, Cbus staff have secured...
15 | 03 | 22
Member Updates

Cbus have a new pay offer

Update: To read new information on the Cbus negotiation, click here! Although Cbus...
11 | 03 | 22
Member Updates

Here’s why Cbus’ proposal isn’t good enough

Cbus management are running briefing meetings to “get your feedback” on the EBA...
21 | 02 | 22
Cbus EA 2021

Cbus EBA: Let Cbus know their pay offer isn’t good enough

Happy new year! We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. Last year,...
31 | 01 | 22
Cbus EA 2021

Cbus EBA: Where we stand on negotiations

Thank you to all who attended our meeting this week and thank you for standing together...
23 | 12 | 21
Cbus EA 2021

Cbus’ pay offer is not fair

Union members at Cbus just met to discuss management’s offer on our pay and Super as...
21 | 12 | 21
Cbus EA 2021

Cbus EBA Update Meeting Tomorrow

We had our last bargaining meeting for the year with Cbus management on Friday. We would...
20 | 12 | 21
Cbus EA 2021

Cbus EBA Update Nov 2021

We want to update you on the progress of the Cbus EBA and invite you to an upcoming...
30 | 11 | 21
Cbus EA 2021

Cbus wants to make new parents ride the bus

Once again, Cbus management have rolled out unilateral policy changes without any...
17 | 11 | 21