Posts relating to negotiations for the new Workplace Agreement at RBA in 2021.

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RBA staff vote in favour of new Workplace Agreement

The ballot for the proposed RBA Workplace Agreement 2021 has been completed and a...
21 | 09 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

FSU Information Sessions – RBA Workplace Agreement 2021

Over the last few weeks RBA employees have considered a number of proposed changes to the...
02 | 09 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

FSU Members take Action on RBA’s Pay Proposal

Over the last 2 weeks a record number of RBA staff camegether over FSU Zoom meetings...
31 | 08 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

RBA’s proposed Workplace Agreement – our feedback

FSU andA have been in negotiations for a new Workplace Agreement that will cover all...
17 | 08 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

Urgent union zoom on RBA Agreement – Monday 12pm & 6pm

Our Union has been negotiating with the RBA over a new Workplacement. This new...
12 | 08 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

An independent RBA supports a strong economy – in your words

A record number of RBA colleagues have now signed our FSU pledge for a fair pay increase...
30 | 07 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

RBA staff deserve a fair and independent pay increase – In your words

Negotiations are now ramping up for our RBA Workplace Agreement, and pay still remains a...
28 | 07 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

RBA Workplace Agreement – Latest Bargaining Update

Another Workplace Agreement meeting was held this week, where RBA management presented...
30 | 06 | 21
Enterprise Agreement

Pledge your support for an independent RBA

We’re negotiating our new RBA Workplace Agreement right now – and the RBA Governor...
25 | 06 | 21