All updates relating to the WBC EA2022 Campaign

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Enterprise Agreement

WBC Bargaining Update – NO Change from Management

Our EA negotiations continue to stall. Management isn’t listening to members on the...
21 | 09 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

Important COVID-19 Vaccine Update – feedback to WBC

Westpac has announced that it is undertaking a review of its Vaccination Policy. The bank...
13 | 09 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

WBC EA – FSU Members reject management’s latest offer

Hundreds of FSU members from across the Westpac Group met last night and rejected...
02 | 09 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

Urgent FSU EA Meeting – Management offer no real fixes

Are management walking away from negotiations?...
29 | 08 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

Bargaining report – Westpac can do better for staff

On Wednesday we held another enterprise agreement negotiation where we told Westpac...
11 | 08 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

Westpac can and must do better on workloads and pay

We are at a crucial point in the negotiations for our new Enterprise Agreement. Pay,...
08 | 08 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

Westpac Latest Offer Fails to Address Cost of Living

Westpac has provided a revised pay offer that falls well short of what you deserve....
01 | 08 | 22
Enterprise Agreement

Westpac Announces Working from Home Option for Corporate Sites

Together we can make a difference! Last week we wrote to Westpac about the serious health...
27 | 07 | 22
Member Updates

Westpac, we have a problem! WBC EA2022

This Tuesday we wrote to Westpac CEO Peter King and the Board of Directors sharing a...
14 | 07 | 22