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This is not ok RBA!

RBA has announced they intend to once again walk away from pay discussions and push a...
17 | 11 | 23
Member Updates

It’s time for RBA to listen – have your say

RBA asked for three weeks to reconsider its inferior Enterprise Agreement (EA) proposal...
16 | 10 | 23
Member Updates

Want more than just ‘average’ at RBA? – FSU Meeting Tomorrow!

Last week Governor Dr. Phillip Lowe justified RBA’s sub-par Enterprise Agreement offer...
16 | 08 | 23
Media Release

RBA staff vehemently reject real wages cut

Staff working at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will vehemently reject an Enterprise...
11 | 08 | 23

It’s time we say NO – Urgent FSU meeting today

RBA have made it abundantly clear they will not move on their pay offer despite strong...
10 | 08 | 23
Member Updates

RBA plans to cut our real wages

At a recent meeting, the RBA confirmed that their pay increase offer (4% in 2023, 3.5% in...
02 | 08 | 23
Member Updates

Are you being pressured by RBA to vote ‘yes’?

RBA has put forward the first pay offer for our new Enterprise Agreement (EA) and it’s...
13 | 07 | 23

We’ve met with management about your pay and conditions

We’ve had three bargaining meetings with RBA management for a new Enterprise...
23 | 06 | 23

Your say on pay and conditions at RBA

Bargaining will soon begin for our new Workplace Agreement at RBA. The new agreement will...
10 | 05 | 23