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Breakthrough – we’ve reached ‘in-principle’ agreement

Last year, we achieved a significant victory when the majority of NAB colleagues joined...
14 | 07 | 23
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Happy BOQ Pay Day!

Congratulations! Today, you and your colleagues at BOQ Group are due to receive your...
15 | 06 | 23
Member Updates

WIN: Hundreds of thousands of dollars in weekend pay saved for Suncorp staff

Thanks to everyone’s tireless efforts, we’ve succeeded in stopping Suncorp from...
09 | 06 | 23
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WIN: BOQ staff have voted YES on our new EA

Congratulations! You and your colleagues have overwhelmingly voted YES  on our new...
19 | 05 | 23
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WIN: Westpac reverses decision to close regional branches

Thanks toe continued efforts of FSU members in keepinge issue of bank closures in...
09 | 05 | 23
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WIN: In-principle agreement for a better EA at BOQ

We have great news! Your FSU Bargaining Representatives have reached an in-principle...
28 | 04 | 23
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Major win at RBA: Several years of underpayments to be repaid

We have a major win to share with you, and it’s made news headlines! The Reserve Bank...
20 | 04 | 23
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Hostplus – What flexibility do we want?

Last year,eon leading pay and improved conditions in our new Enterprise Agreement by...
18 | 04 | 23
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Link Group – WIN: We’ve got a new pay offer

Our hard work has paid off! As you may know, our FSU recently took Link Group to the Fair...
28 | 03 | 23