An update on our Tea Breaks dispute

In early 2022 we lodged a claim in the Federal Court on behalf of members who are unable to take their paid tea breaks.

The claim continues with hearing dates set for September of this year and December if needed. This is despite CBA arguing for dates in June 2024!

The parties have been given deadlines to finalise evidence and our legal team have been collating the necessary witness affidavits and evidence to support your claim.

As part of the evidence, an independent body, YouGov, is undertaking a survey of CBA employees regarding Tea Breaks from this week. If you are called by a YouGov representative, we strongly encourage you to participate in this legitimate survey.

The legal process is not a quick one and an outcome may not be known until next year. We will continue to pursue this matter on behalf of members and will provide further updates as the matter progresses.

Your FSU Team

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary