CBA announces more redundancies as another 117 jobs to be sent to CBA India

Yesterday, many colleagues across CBA were notified that their roles will be made redundant as a result of significant changes proposed by CBA. Regrettably, these include 117 roles which will be offshored to CBA India.

This announcement comes just one day after CEO Matt Comyn boasted about CBA’s first quarter profit of $2.5B.

Colleagues across the following areas are impacted:

  • 117 roles in the Payment Services Utility department, Commercial Banking Operations and Chief Controls Office across NSW and VIC with jobs being offshored to CBA India
  • 110 roles impacted in Customer Service Direct with 55 redundancies across QLD, NSW and VIC
  • 42 redundancies in the Chief Operations Office with across QLD, NSW and VIC
  • 15 redundancies in Business Banking – CommSec in NSW

It is absolutely clear that these changes are driven by an insatiable desire to increase profits and is a kick in the guts to those workers who have helped contribute to the Bank’s success.

Over the coming days and weeks we will reach out to those affected and hold a series of Zoom sessions. If you are affected by these changes, please indicate your willingness to attend a meeting and provide your feedback on the proposed changes as part of the consultation process in the attached form.

Click here to provide your feedback and register for a zoom session

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary