FSU response to update from Sian Lewis

Yesterday you all would have received an email from Sian Lewis about the EA.

Rather than make you all read another long email, we’ve recorded our response as a video.

It sounds like CBA are looking to put the agreement to a vote unless we can agree today without addressing any more of our outstanding concerns. There also seems to be some confusion between the parties about CBA’s pay offer.

This is addressed in more detail in the video, but essentially: our position has not changed, if we misunderstood CBA’s, or it has changed, that’s unfortunate, but we will all fight on for 3% for everyone regardless of how and why it was our impression that we were closer together on that point. We’ll work through that in the meeting today though!

What can you do right now to help the union’s position?

Send this video to everyone you know at CBA, and ask them to sign up here at our 3% page so they get our updates too: https://actionnetwork.org/forms/cba-should-do-better/

Send Andrew Culleton and Sian Lewis an email (we can protect your identity if you’re concerned). Let them know that you fully understand what the outstanding items are, and that you’ll vote no if they put it to you in a vote.

Read and distribute this news article about IAs.

We’ll be in touch with more after today’s meeting with CBA.

Stick Together!

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary