Bargaining Update

Since our last update we’ve had two more bargaining meetings with CBA. We’ve got some positive news to report, and some not so positive (yet!)

The Good News:

  • CBA have agreed to drop their claim to change the way overtime is calculated. (issue explained here).
  • CBA have started to consider very slight movement towards our compromise position on Dispute Resolution. (issue explained here)
  • CBA have agreed to remove their claim for salary tiers to be included in the agreement. This means that everyone whose pay increase is set by the EA will be 3% both years.

Things that need improvement:

  • CBA clarified their position on pay increases for those those on contracts (IA, AWA, ITEA) is:
    • $0 – $75,000: 3%
    • $75,000 – $110,000: 2.25%
    • $110,000+ : 0%
  • We do not agree with this position. FSU members have been campaigning for 3% across the board and we will continue to do so. If Matt Comyn can be paid a 14% increase and a $1.6m bonus, then it’s entirely fair that all CBA employees get 3% in both years. We should stick together and keep campaigning until CBA agree.
  • CBA are adamant that RDOs ought to come out of the Agreement. As explained in this video, this is the removal of a fantastic entitlement that members pay for – either through their contracts, or in extra hours worked. Employers have long been trying to kill RDOs. We can’t let them.
  • CBA asked for more time to consider our position on Annualised Salary Packaging, but came back on Monday with no change. No protections, no choice, and no high salary threshold. That’s a position the union can’t support. (more on this here)

What can we do about it?

For those who have been part of this union and this campaign for a while now, you would have experienced first hand our ability to move the Bank when we act collectively. We moved them on sick leave already, and we’re almost all the way there on pay! It’s not always easy, but together we can do it!

  • Send the CBA negotiators an email and let them know how you feel about their positions (can be done anonymously). Andrew Culleton and Sian Lewis have previously told FSU negotiators that they don’t believe us when we say that CBA employees are frustrated with these positions from the Bank. We know these emails are being read. Make your voice heard!
  • Talk to your colleagues! Get those who haven’t signed our petition yet to sign our petition for 3% and a fair agreement! Ask them to send Andrew and Sian an email as well! The more people who take action, the more likely we are to win! Petition Link is:
  • We’ve updates our social distancing friendly flyers to reflect the current unfair pay position. Colour & BnW are available to print and distribute around your workplace. Please stick one on your notice board if you’re still in the office!

We need to show CBA that we’re not backing down and that we expect them to do what’s fair.

We’ll be in touch again soon!

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary