CBA can do better & they should do better

You deserve 3%

This week we received CBA’s pay offer, and we’re disappointed to report that it’s 1.5%, 2% and 0% (depending on what you’re paid now) for 2020 & 2021.

CBA’s pay offer is disrespectful to all of you who’ve worked harder than ever this year. You deserve 3%

That’s what NAB paid, and Westpac are paying 3.25%. Even Bendigo will pay 3% this year.

Will you support our claim for 3% and help us show CBA that their offer isn’t good enough? The first step is to get on board at this link, and to spread the word as much as you can! The more CBA workers who sign on, the stronger our claim will be!

This year you’ve worked from your kitchen table with the kids at home, you’ve wondered if your NPS would be damaged by asking someone to put a mask on, you’ve worried that your job was making your family unsafe. It’s been a tough year.

After all that, Australia’s biggest, most profitable bank can pay the CEO a 14% increase, but will only offer you 1.5%

This is the same bank that recently admitted they underpaid workers by $57 million.

CBA have made their priorities clear: when it comes to investors they CAN, when it comes to executives they CAN. When it comes to you they CAN, they SHOULD, BUT THEY WON’T.

It’s not just the pay that’s wrong:

  • They want to “fix” the contract mess that they created with IAs by locking in a new way to “package” people’s pay without the right protections in place to avoid another IA mess.
  • They want to get rid of RDOs.
  • They want to introduce unfair tiered pay increases.
  • They’re refusing to improve their dispute resolution process so you can access the independent umpire if things go wrong.
  • They want to change the way that overtime is calculated to be better for them.
  • There are some other outstanding items (more to come on these soon!

Hundreds of FSU members met this afternoon to discuss the progress of negotiations and voted to support the FSU’s claim for 3% and a fair agreement all round.

Click here to join our fight for a fair pay increase.

In Unity,

Allison Cruze & James Dixon – your bargaining representatives.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary