Union win and upcoming meeting on CommSec and Colonial contracts

If you’re affected by the re-issuing of CommSec and Colonial contracts and wish to discuss this with the FSU, please come to our information session on Tuesday evening – April 5, 7:30pm AEST.

Click here to RSVP.

Topics we will cover:

  • Brief explanation of EBA/contracts and how they interact
  • What CBA has done in the past
  • What’s happening now and what your rights are
  • How to exercise those rights!

You can also book a time with an industrial advocate to discuss how this affects you personally.

Because this is a major change that affects your employment, CBA must consult with you and with the FSU. This includes providing you with sufficient information and answers to any questions.

We’ve prepared a template consultation letter/email for you to send off in the first instance in order to have as much relevant information as possible before you sign anything.

Please ensure you replace the highlighted information in square brackets before sending, and CC the FSU at Emily.holm@fsunion.org.au.

Union win!

Today proves what happens when we speak up. CBA have finally joined ANZ, NAB, RBA and Westpac Group by removing the requirement for workers to keep details of their remuneration secret.

This change comes after years of sustained pressure from FSU members.

Pay transparency leads to better workplace culture – it allows workers to hold our employers accountable for inequities. While secrecy contributes to the large gender pay gap in our industry, it is a problem for all workers. This is a significant win.

Share the news with your colleagues, and if you’re not yet a member join us today.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary