CBA Contract Simplification - FSU Information Sessions

CBA is going through a process to try and fix a mistake the Bank made regarding individual agreements:

“….the ways we historically entered into and administered IAs did not comply with requirements in the Fair Work Act” CBA.

Did you receive CBA’s contract simplification email below? 
If you did and have any questions you should attend one of the sessions below before you sign anything.

If you have not received the email below, but you are on an individual agreement or another type of contract… 
Our information sessions may well still be relevant to you, even though you have not yet received the email.

If you are on the Enterprise Agreement… 
The sessions may not be relevant to you.

For years we have been telling CBA their process was broken.

The process for rolling out contracts to everyone to avoid having staff on a collectively negotiated Enterprise Agreement was wrong.

Putting long term staff, irrespective of their annual increases and performance on the EA minimums when they wanted to get off these contracts was unfair and morally wrong. Now there is at least a clearer process.

Join us to discuss what CBA’s “Contract Simplification” means for you. We will explain the differences between accepting an offer of an ASP or reverting back to the EA.

We will be holding two information sessions next Wednesday the 3rd August – 12:30pm and 6.30pm (AEST).

REGISTER HERE: FSU Information Session, 3 August – 12:30pm

REGISTER HERE: FSU Information Session, 3 August – 6:30pm

Please let your colleagues know about these information sessions and if you’re not an FSU member join here today!

Your FSU Team.

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary