CBA EA 2020: Better & Simpler for Us

The first Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) to be negotiated for five years between the CBA and the FSU will commence with a meeting on 14 May.

Last night we held an online briefing to fill members in on where things are up to, and how we intend to keep members front and centre as we campaign for a Better & Simpler EA at CBA. Thanks to the hundreds of members who were able to tune in!

A video recording of that meeting can be found on Facebook here (or on youtube here if you don’t have Facebook).

Join our EA campaign and add your voice!

If you’ve not yet signed up to our EA campaign, and told us about your priorities for a better and simpler EA, you can do that here.

We’ve launched a Facebook page and a Whatsapp group for all members to see and share information in a more immediate way around bargaining developments and issues that come up.
We encourage members to join those channels here:

For those who are less comfortable with those channels, we will continue to keep you in the loop by email and through your local FSU team.

Things you can do to be EA 2020 ready

Renegotiating the EA means that we have the opportunity to renegotiate our pay, working arrangements and rights at work. Join our campaign today to make your voice heard about what needs to change at CBA.

In Unity,

Julia Angrisano

National Secretary


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary