CBA EA 2023 –
Summary of Position

12 July 2023

This table gives a thorough summary of the latest proposed changes from CBA.

We now need to hear from you on what has been put forward so far, to determine our next steps and before we progress with any further meetings.



Item Detail
Term of Agreement 3 years (expiry 30 June 2026).
Unpackaged (based on your annual Salary as at 30 June 2023) Tier 1 Salary Band (up to $100,000)
(previously $90,000 and below)
Tier 2 Salary Band ($100,000.01 to $125,000) (previously $90,000.01 to $119,400) Tier 3 Salary Band ($125,000.01 to $162,000) (previously $119,400.01 to $162,000) Tier 4 Salary Band ($162,000.011 to $200,000) Tier 5 Salary Band ($200,000+)
1 July 2023 5.25% (previously 5.00%) 4.5% 3.5% 3.5% (previously 3.0%) Discretionary (previously 3.5%)
1 July 2024 4% (previously 3.75%) 3.25% 3% (previously 2.75%) Discretionary Discretionary
1 July 2025 3.50% (previously 3.25%) 3% 3% Discretionary Discretionary

FSU comment

Updated from 08/08/2023

Tier 1 to 4 salary bands have changed.

Tier 4 July 2024 proposed pay increase has reverted to CBAs original 3.5% proposal.

Updated from 28/07/2023

Tier 1, July 2023 increase has moved from 5% to 5.25% for both packaged and unpackaged.

Tier 1 July 2024 increase has moved from 3.25% to 3.50%.

Tier 4 July 2024 increase has reduced from 3.5% to 3.0% for both package and unpackaged.

CBA has now introduced a Tier 5 for anyone earning over $200,000.

This is a shift from CBA’s original pay proposal of 3.75% for Tier 1 and 2.75% for Tier 3 in July 2024. This is not an industry leading wage increase.


(e.g. ASPs)

Tier 1 Salary Band (up to $100,000)
(previously $90,000 and below)
Tier 2 Salary Band ($100,000.01 to $125,000) (previously $90,000.01 to $119,400) Tier 3 Salary Band ($125,000.01 to $162,000) (previously $119,400.01 to $162,000) Tier 4 Salary Band ($162,000.011 to $200,000) Tier 5 Salary Band ($200,000+)
1 July 2023 5.25% (previously 5.00%) 4.5% 3.5% 3.5% (previously 3.0%) Discretionary (previously 3.5%)
1 July 2024 3% + Discretionary 2% + Discretionary 1% + Discretionary Discretionary Discretionary
1 July 2025 3% + Discretionary 1.5% + Discretionary Discretionary Discretionary Discretionary

FSU comment

This is a shift from CBA’s original pay proposal which provided no guaranteed wage increases for any Packaged employee after 2023.

One Off Cash Payment An additional $1,000 cost of living payment (less tax) will be paid after the Agreement commences. This is not pro-rated for part timers.

FSU comment

This one-off payment does not increase salaries.

Removal of GC1 and GC3 Grades All employees in GC1 and GC3 grades will move to either GC2 and GC4 respectively.

FSU comment

This would result in a significant uplift in wages for those currently in lower grades.

Salary Increase Eligibility Removed requirement that will need to have “completed mandatory learning requirements for the relevant performance year”.
Minimum Rates of Pay Minimum rates will be adjusted through the term of the Agreement.

Grades Uplift for 1 JULY 23 Uplift for 1 JULY 24 Uplift for 1 JULY 25
GC2 10.00% 3.25% 3.00%
GC4 8.00% 3.25% 3.00%
AM Grades 3% – 5% 1.5% – 2.5% 1% – 2.5%
M Grades 1.5% – 3% 0 – 2.25% 0 – 2.25%

FSU comment

The calculation method to increase the minimums is not linked to the wage increases.

Junior Rates Junior rates will be removed from the Agreement (note there was no one being paid these rates).

FSU comment

This means that all employees will be paid the same rate regardless of their age.

Workloads and Staffing (clause 13.5) Now a standalone clause.

Includes new reference to Group mandatory learning being part of workload and completed during ordinary hours.

Includes section that states CBA will fill vacancies that arise as soon as reasonably practicable having regard to business needs and requirements.

Includes reference to disconnecting from work and the development of guidelines:

CBA supports employees working flexibly, disconnecting from work and balancing their work and life commitments. CBA will develop guidelines that address contacting employees outside of their normal work time concerning work related matters. The focus of such guidelines will be aimed at respecting employees’ periods of leave, rostered days off, non-working hours and support employees disconnect. These Guidelines will not form part of this Agreement.

Remote Working (clause 21) Clause has been amended ensuring that requests will be genuinely considered and where arrangements already exist, these can only be terminated with 8 weeks’ notice and will consider personal/family circumstances, customer/business requirements, nature of the role and any other relevant matter.

FSU comment

Our matter regarding the May 2023 mandate continues at Fair Work.

Change of work location (clause 5) Now has minimum 4 weeks’ notice.

FSU comment

Previously no protection.

Parental Leave (clause 28) Improved to 18 weeks paid entitlement, accessible from day one of employment, no primary/secondary care giver distinction.

FSU comment

Was previously 13 weeks and required 12 months service.

Family Planning Leave (clause 28.7) New entitlement to 5 days paid Family Planning leave for things like IVF, adoption, surrogacy.
Compassionate Leave (clause 29) Additional entitlement of 7 days paid leave (on top of current 3 days paid leave) if parent loses a child in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.

FSU comment

Additional leave for miscarriage and still birth beyond 20 weeks pregnancy is available under Paid Parental Leave.

Menstruation and Menopause support (clause 23.4) Provides access to working from home, other flexible arrangements and use of Personal Leave if you are unable to continue working.

FSU comment

This is not a separate leave entitlement and will come from Personal Leave.

Life Leave (clause 24) New entitlement of 5 days Life Leave if have minimum 2 years’ service, used all annual leave in the year and balance is less than 1 week.

FSU comment

Same eligibility barriers remain.

Sorry Business Leave (clause 30) Expanded from 3 days paid leave to leave as needed.
Domestic and family violence leave (clause 32) Confirmed as an uncapped paid leave entitlement.
Gender Affirmation Leave (clause 33) Improved paid leave from 4 to 8 weeks.
Community Service Leave (clause 34) Now 10 days paid leave (previously 10 days unpaid).
Jury Service Leave (clause 34) Now 13 weeks paid leave (previously 20 days paid).
Meal Allowance Increase of Meal Allowance from $28.95 to $30.00.

Expansion of exclusion to working on a hybrid arrangement (currently only mentions working from home).

First Aid Allowance First Aid Allowance increases from $723/year to: $744 in 2024, $772 in 2025, and $804 in 2026.
Car Allowance Car allowance has increased from 80c per km to: 83c in 2024, 86c in 2025, and 89c in 2026.
Inductions Union access to quarterly inductions providing access to new employees.

FSU comment

There is currently no right for the Union to address new employees.

Joint Committee Establishment of a joint committee to consider the following matters during the term of the Agreement:

a)       Grading in clause 6;

b)      Performance-related Pay in clause 10;

c)       The operation of clause 37 “Major Workplace Change”;

d)      The operation of clause 38 “Dispute Resolution”;

e)      The viability and practical implications of a “4 day work week” for full time employees; and

f)        Any other matter agreed between the parties.

Overtime and TOIL (Clause 15) Part-time overtime rates worked on weekends in excess of ordinary hours now aligned with full-time rates:

Saturday: 50% for first 3 hours, 100% after the first 3 hours.

Sunday: 100% for all hours.

FSU comment

Improved entitlement as existing clause has 25%.

Planned Health Related Appointments (clause 23.3) This entitlement is now up to 4 days without restrictions.

Existing restrictions specified only 3 for non-routine and 1 to accompany partner to pregnancy related appointment.

Annual Leave – Shutdown (clause 22) As part of a full or partial shutdown of business, CBA can provide 6 weeks’ notice to direct employee to take leave that does not exceed 5 business days.

FSU comment

New clause – CBA original proposal was 10 days and 4 weeks’ notice.

Now aligned with Bankwest.

Changes to timing of payment of Salary Increases CBA propose to shift reference date from July to October with 3 months’ notice (with appropriate adjustment to ensure workers are not financially worse off).


Performance Related Pay (Clause 10) Where someone has had an allegation of misconduct against them substantiated, CBA can seek to recover the amount of PRP paid to the employee.

FSU comment

CBA original proposal to withhold PRP payment where someone is under investigation for misconduct.

Transfer Related Expenses Transfer Related expenses – now simplified to be reimbursement for travel, relocation expenses and temporary accommodation up to 7 days with a one-off allowance of $1500.
Higher Duties and Secondment Allowance Higher Duties and Secondment Allowances – will now be based on the minimum rate of the role in which you are performing.
Pet Leave (clause 31) Ability to access 2 days paid personal leave (not an additional entitlement).
Span of Hours (clause 13.1) No change in current agreement (7am start) unless an individual requests to commence work between 5am to 7am (without applicable loadings).
Notice Periods (clause 35) For resignation and termination is 4 weeks’ notice (for employee and employer), but one week if in first year of service.

FSU comment

Previously on a number of week scale up to first 5 years of employment.

Redeployment (clause 36.1) Changes to definition of comparable and non-comparable roles:

Bank must now consider your current role when looking at comparable roles. If comparable role would lead to less PRP entitlement, then your annual salary will be adjusted to reflect the amount the entitlement is reduced by.

Non-comparable role is now defined as one which is not comparable.

FSU comment

Improved distinction between comparable and non-comparable roles.

Salary on redeployment (clause 36.3) Where person accepts a non-comparable role with a lower salary, they will retain their salary from previous position for a period of 9 months. Shorter period can only be applied if agreed with the FSU.

FSU comment

Change from current continual entitlement. CBA original change to have no continuation of salary.

Consultation (clause 37) Amended to include reference to meeting with the Union if requested as part of the consultation process and including minimum consultation periods:

(a)    Where likely to lead to reduction of up to 20 FTE positions – not less than 5 business days.

(b)    Where likely to lead to reduction greater than 20 FTE positions – not less than 10 business days.

District Allowance District Allowance is grandfathered for anyone currently receiving it with ability to be bought out.
Interpreter Allowance Interpreter Allowance has been grandfathered.
Relieving Allowance Relieving Allowance has been grandfathered and replaced with per km allowance or public transport reimbursement.

FSU comment

Per KM allowance only applies if travelling an additional 15km round trip on top of normal commute to regular workplace.

Changes to Part Time Hours (clause 13.4) Current EA allows reduction of 25% in first year, then up to 35% in the second year.

Proposed change is to have a 20% reduction in hours in a year.

Annual Leave Loading (clause 22.3) CBA propose to grandfather leave loading so will continue to be paid to those who currently receive. New employees will no longer receive but minimum salary rates have been increased to reflect this.