Bargaining Update

Yesterday the FSU and CBA were in the Fair Work Commission for a conference hearing to address the FSU’s Good Faith Bargaining concerns. To explain what happened, we have put together this 5min YouTube video. (If you can’t access YouTube from where you are, it’s here on Facebook and here on our website).

The parties did have the opportunity for discussion, and were encouraged to see if we could progress closer to agreement. In that discussion is became clear that CBA were asking the FSU to bid against ourselves and our members’ interests. Which we declined to do. A further hearing is set for 1 December.

CBA know what our concerns are, they know why these last items are outstanding, and why we’re fighting for 3% for all employees. We’ll consider anything they put to us as a potential solution, and we’ll consider it in good faith. A fair agreement that the union can support is our preference.

In explaining this position to the Bank yesterday we told CBA that if they are so confident that the proposal in its current form is fair, then they should put it to a vote of employees.

Rather than paying any bad faith pay increase to undermine our claims, if CBA aren’t prepared to move closer to the union’s position, then CBA should let employees decide whether or not this proposed EA is good for them. If that were to happen, all employees would simply be able to vote yes or no on the proposal.

We put this position again to the Bank in writing yesterday afternoon. If CBA accept that invitation to go to ballot, we’ll have more to say about that!


Our protected action ballot is underway. The roll is currently being compiled. All union members whose addresses are up to date will be posted a ballot and asked to vote YES to all 13 proposals.

If you want to check which address is on file with us, please reply to this email. If you want to help with this, there are two things you can do: put your hand up to organise your workplace to vote and vote on time (by reply email), and/or ask a colleague to join the union today! 

There are still thousands of CBA employees who have not signed our petition for 3% for everyone and a fair agreement. Ask your team members if they’ve signed today.

Write to the CBA negotiators and ask them to do the right thing by you!

If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary