Help us get to 5000 signatures

CBA have approached us to meet on Friday of this week for another EBA negotiation session.

We have a plan for this meeting, and that is to hold firm on our claim for a 3% increase across the board with no tier system.

We need your help though. We want our bargaining team to walk (dial) into that meeting knowing that at least 5000 CBA employees have signed in support of our claim in the space of just 12 days!

Can you share our petition with all your colleagues today to ensure that we walk in with at least 5000 signatures?

Right now we’re at 3300- a respectable amount, but we know that support for our claim goes a lot deeper than that! We need to show CBA just how deep!

Here’s the link that you can share around:

Some of your fellow FSU members have shared their tips for approaching colleagues about this and asking them to sign:

  • Remind them that this affects those on IAs as well even if their % is technically discretionary- the Bank have a practice of applying the same or very similar formula across the IA population. A higher % in the EA will push CBA to do the right thing by them too!
  • The petition won’t be shared with the Bank – it’s confidential – that’s important to ensure that people feel comfortable adding their name. CBA won’t know which individuals signed, just that thousands did!
  • If your colleagues are a bit unsure about the 3%, remind them at that Matt Comyn’s pay went up 14% this year, and that Westpac and NAB paid 3.25% and 3% increases.
  • If you’re not comfortable putting yourself forward like that, why not share this video explaining similar points!

So far the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from those who are stepping up to talk to others. It’s your right as a union member and employee to take an active interest in the collective negotiation of your pay and conditions, if your manager talks to you in a way you’re not comfortable with about emailing your team, talking in team meetings or posting about this petition in your group chat, get in touch with us for support immediately on 1300 366 378.

Let’s get to 5000!


Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary