CBA EA: Information Hub Launched!

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Dear Member,

The FSU have been working to create a better EA for CBA employees and we want to help others understand why we can’t support what CBA are doing.

We have launched a CBA EA: information Hub as a means to fight back against the misinformation that CBA continue to share. We encourage everyone to check out as it hosts everything you need to know about the EA.

Below we breakdown the BIG 4 reasons why we can’t support this EA for employees:


CBA are trying to make their underpayments and illegal behavior legal for the future. 

They have been breaking the rules for years, and their proposed changes will ultimately change the rules in their favor. CBA’s poor behaviour has cost us $57 million so far, and we are not going to stand by while they keep ripping us off. By cutting RDOs from the EA, the equivalent comparable salary for each of those people on IAs would go down by around 5%, making it easier for CBA to avoid underpaying people by reducing the minimum standard, rather than just adjusting people’s salaries or putting them on fairer contracts such that they don’t fall short of the absolute minimum. We all know IAs were not genuinely agreed to at CBA, now they don’t want to give you the option. Rather than changing their approach, CBA want you to help them make their poor behaviour legal. Don’t let them.

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They want to be able to change your grade at any moment. 

Right now, grade changes are a conversation that you must be a part of. If CBA get their way, there won’t be a discussion. They will have the power to change your grade without consultation. They say there are protections in the clause, but we are concerned that the grades are too subjective for what CBA have included to be protection enough. Your grade is how CBA determine the minimum salary to compare your contract with. They say they won’t misuse this clause, but CBA can change grades now, by consulting with those affected. If it’s only needed to correct mistakes, why do they need new language?

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The pay increase should go to everyone equally.

FSU members have been campaigning for 3% across the board and we will continue to do so. If Matt Comyn can be paid a 14% increase and a $1.6m bonus, then it’s entirely fair that all CBA employees get 3% in both years. We should stick together and keep campaigning until CBA agree.

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They want you to sign off on more underpayment of Superannuation.

CBA have not been paying superannuation on leave loading as they should have been and now they want to lock that approach into the agreement. In retirement women are disproportionally affected by lower super balances and here CBA are actively facilitating that inequality by doing the wrong thing and trying to validate it in your agreement

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We know you worked hard during the pandemic and this is disrespectful to everyone who took leave, worked on the front line, or adjusted to new ways of working with goodwill.

You can find all this information and more at our new CBA EA: Information Hub. Here we’re hosting resources for reps, FAQ’s, Questions for CBA meetings and more! Be sure to share with your colleagues. All employees have a right to be informed!

Also you can pledge your No vote right here, right now.


In Unity,

Emily Holm

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary