CBA are trying to make you pay for their mistakes

In our last EA update we told you that we’d continue negotiations with the CBA and keep members updated, and while that process is ongoing, right now we need to focus our efforts and attention on one particularly unfair change that the Bank are still trying to include.

CBA are still not willing to back away from their plan to cut RDOs. This proposed change will have wide reaching negative consequences for almost all CBA employees. 
This proposed change would pay for CBA’s mistakes, out of your pocket.

At the moment, no matter if you’re on the EA or an IA, you are entitled to take 12 rostered days off a year. Many at CBA don’t actually get those days off though, because they signed a contract that traded or cashed out that and other entitlements of the EA.

Legally, this kind of contract can only be made if an individual remains better off overall. Which in most cases at CBA, means that you have to be paid more than if you’d never signed it, and if you were employed on at least the minimum applicable salary in the EA.

Setting aside the many other concerns the union has with how CBA went about the making of these contracts, they recently repaid millions of dollars to people whose contracts did not keep up with even the minimum of the applicable equivalent entitlements.

Now, by seeking to cut one of the most valuable of those entitlements, CBA are trying to make employees pay for their mistakes. 

By cutting RDOs from the EA, the equivalent comparable salary for each of those people on IAs would go down by around 5%, making it easier for CBA to avoid underpaying people by reducing the minimum standard, rather than just adjusting people’s salaries or putting them on fairer contracts such that they don’t fall short of the absolute minimum.

It’s complicated, devious, and wrong. Here’s what we can do:
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The more people who properly understand what CBA are trying to do here, the better chance we have of stopping them.

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary