Bargaining Update: Sick leave saved, more time on pay

In the past two weeks, more than 5000 CBA employees have signed in support of our claim for 3%!

In bargaining on Friday, CBA asked us for more time to consider our claim for 3%. This is how we know our collective voice is being heard.

5000 signatures have stopped CBA in their tracks. Now we need to turn them around. We cannot afford to lose this momentum.

If we can get to 10,000 signatures – a third of the workforce – we’re confident that CBA could not ignore our claim. We know this is a big ask but together we CAN do it.

We deserve 3%.

If everyone who has already signed gets one more colleague to sign, we will achieve our goal easily.

Here’s a link you can share:

Check out a couple of youtube videos discussing the pay offer, here and here.

A few weeks ago more than 1000 of you signed the petition to save our sick leave – and we won!

CBA has accepted the FSU’s position on sick leave. (15 days for everyone after 1 year of service)

We protected and extended this entitlement because you signed and shared the petition with your colleagues. You showed CBA that we understood their proposal, and that we wouldn’t be pushed around.

This is how we will continue to win at the bargaining table and make CBA a fairer place to work for everyone.

Your FSU Bargaining Reps
Allison and James

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary