CBA EA: Voting has now opened!

Vote No!

Dear Member,

Voting has opened for the CBA EA and you can vote here:

Please check your email for an email from CBA containing the log in details you’ll need to vote.

All the instructions to submit your vote are on our ‘How To Vote’ resource here click here 

*Voting is confidential. CBA will not know how you vote*

Once you have voted no, you can share the following with your colleagues and encourage more members to vote NO:

Check out this link, and be sure to share it with your colleagues – CBA EA: Information Hub!

If you hear colleagues talking about voting yes, have a chat to them, ask them why and see if you can convince them to vote no instead. Share with them this video – here

Now is the time to help others and remind them the vote is tomorrow and that it is important! It’s time to speak up and ask the tough questions of CBA executives like Matt and Sian. (need help with questions? Check this list here

You can also join our Facebook page for daily updates: here

*Voting is confidential. CBA will not know how you vote*

In unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary