Why would CBA cut sick leave in the middle of a global pandemic?

Everyone at CBA should get 15 days in the new agreement

We wrote to you a little while ago about CBA’s proposals around “Life Leave”, Sick Leave and Moving Day (read about that here). We wrote to you about all these things together because CBA had framed them all as linked: they want to pay for “Life Leave” by adjusting sick leave and removing Moving Day.

The union’s position is this: if all three proposals are linked, then we have to reject the proposal for “Life Leave” – on the grounds that nobody should lose any sick leave to pay for it.

Can you spare a moment to sign our petition calling on CBA not to cut sick leave in the middle of a global pandemic?

We have general reservations about structure and strings attached to life leave as well, but our key objection is that it’s being proposed in conjunction with reduced sick leave for approximately 80% of CBA’s people.

It’s true that some people in the group currently get different levels of sick leave but it’s not CBA workers who chose to have the workforce divided up onto various enterprise agreements with different conditions – that was CBA’s decision, and one that has saved them plenty over the years.

It’s not fair to expect CBA workers (approximately 82% of the whole workforce) to take a cut in their sick leave entitlement going forward in order to accommodate an increase for those on Commsec contracts.

Everyone at CBA should get 15 days in the new agreement. The other divisions should be increased in line with CBA.

We need your help to show CBA that we’re serious about not reducing anyone’s sick leave in this agreement. If we stand together – regardless of which agreement we’re employed under – it’s much more likely that CBA will listen to us and do the fair thing.

Sign our petition calling on CBA to ditch the reduction in sick leave that they’re proposing. Get everyone you work with to sign as well. We need to move quickly to show them that we won’t accept this proposal.

You can sign the petition and read more detail about this online here.

In Unity,

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary