You deserve a pay increase of 3%

CBA EA - Pay

CBA should do better. 3% is only fair.

The FSU has been negotiating a new Enterprise Agreement with the Commonwealth Bank since May.

As part of those negotiations, the Bank are only prepared to offer pay increases for 2020 & 2021 of 1.5% (or 2% & 0% for some).

You deserve a pay increase of 3%.

This offer is disrespectful to all of you who’ve worked harder than ever this year. You deserve 3%.

NAB paid 3%, and Westpac are paying 3.25%. Even Bendigo will pay 3% this year.

The FSU’s position is that an increase of 3% for everyone working so hard to keep CBA strong is more than fair in light of CEO Matt Comyn’s recent 14% increase and while WBC and NAB have paid 3.25% and 3% this year.

Sign up here to support the FSU’s claim for 3%, and let CBA know that we want a FAIR agreement with a fair pay increase!

CBA has indicated that in 2020 they intend to apply the same increase across the contract and non-contract populations – so more than ever this is relevant to ALL CBA employees.

There are also a number of other matters that remain outstanding between the parties.