A message from your Bargaining Team

We’re your FSU bargaining representatives and are employees of CBA just like you. With the support of FSU officials, we are negotiating your new Enterprise Agreement (EA).

How are the negotiations progressing?

We’ve met with CBA HR on a regular basis since March to push for the improvements you want to see in your new EA. We have tabled our Log of Claims which seeks to address the key issues you told us are important to you – including industry leading pay and super, safe staffing levels and workloads, secure jobs, and improved work/life balance (just to name a few).

But we’ve still got some way to go before we have a complete package to put to members. So far, CBA has responded to only some of the items on our agenda, are considering others, while also proposing their own changes.
You will have seen that CBA was quick to share news about additional leave entitlements in the EA – including additional parental leave, compassionate leave, community service leave, jury service leave, family planning leave, gender affirmation leave, and pet leave. While these are welcome improvements, we want you all to be aware that these do not come without conditions, as CBA has also proposed changes to entitlements elsewhere in the EA.

At our most recent meeting last week, we highlighted your stories about the systemic understaffing and workload issues that exist at CBA. It is clear to us from your feedback that this is leading to breaks not being taken, unpaid overtime, inability to take leave and the adverse mental health impacts. We have proposed some measures that could be implemented in the EA which CBA are considering.

What’s next?

We are committed to getting the best possible outcome for members in these negotiations. That may take some time to achieve, and we will need your support throughout the campaign.

If you haven’t yet shown your support for the campaign yet, we encourage you to do so today:

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We encourage you to attend one of these sessions and actively participate in the discussion. Your voice is crucial in shaping our collective response to these issues and ensuring a better future for all CBA employees.

We meet with CBA every fortnight and expect to receive CBA’s position on pay at our next meeting.

In the meantime, you can get to know us a little better and why we’re working hard to secure improved pay and conditions in our quick video below:

We will keep you updated as the negotiations progress through regular updates and virtual meetings.

In unity,
Your FSU Bargaining Reps

Adrian Thoen,
Samantha Halladay,
Lisa Neatherway,
Damian Bartlett

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary