CBA Employees Deserve Answers

FSU Lodges Dispute with the Fair Work Commission

Following last week’s revelations of a secret plan to slash thousands of jobs and close hundreds of branches across the CBA Group, there is no comfort for employees in CBA’s response.

Instead of denying the claims CBA referred to achieving “efficiencies” and “good business discipline”.

But it is clear that decisions to make changes have been made.
Matt Comyn is on the record outlining how CBA is becoming a “streamlined” bank and announcing that the “transformation to become a simpler bank is underway.”

It is inconceivable that such changes won’t impact you in some way – be it job losses, the need to be retrained, or the loss of job or promotion opportunities. Change impacts employees in many ways.

That is why you and your colleagues have a right to be consulted over these plans – and that’s why today the FSU has lodged a dispute with the Fair Work Commission to ensure CBA complies with their obligations to discuss this change with CBA workers.

What can I do?

The FSU has a petition for employees to sign calling on CBA to urgently meet with the FSU and to address:

  • CBA’s plans to cut jobs;
  • Plans to close hundreds of branches;
  • Commitments around retraining and reskilling employees; and
  • Talking with workers as a first step in undergoing any change programs.

You can sign the petition here or download a copy for your workplace so you and your colleagues can fill it out together.

FSU members fight every day for a fair finance sector. We work together to make our sector better. Join us in the FSU today!


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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary