CBA Fails On Covid Leave

FSU calls for action

Despite an enormous rise in Covid cases and warnings from authorities that the latest Omicron variants are much more transmissible, the Commonwealth Bank has withdrawn Special Leave for workers with Covid.

This heartless decision comes as the Federal Government has announced the extension of payments of up to $750 for casual workers without sick leave.

Management’s refusal to provide their staff with 10 days Covid leave, after the Bank announced a $2.4 billion dollar third quarter profit, is mean and out-of-touch. Even for a Big Four Bank.

The FSU rejects the Bank’s position and calls on CEO Matt Comyn to reinstate the leave entitlement. We want to hear about your experience – have you been refused Special Leave?

Share your experience of Pandemic Leave

The pandemic isn’t going away. Neither should our leave.

We’ve been told to use Personal/Carers Leave, request additional “paid personal illness leave”, or simply take unpaid pandemic leave. This is not good enough.

Many colleagues have already exhausted their sick leave – this will leave us without pay, at a time when the law mandates staying at home while infectious.

CBA can and must honour its responsibility to employees

Our union will continue to oppose this decision and we will apply pressure to have the leave reinstated.

Tell us what your experience has been in getting additional sick leave or paid Pandemic leave. Contact the FSU Member Rights Centre on 1300 366 378 or email

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Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary