CBA Members - Are KPIs in CBO a concern for you and your colleagues?

FSU members in Commercial Banking Operations have recently raised a number of concerns around the existing KPI system. Members have highlighted concerns around a lack of fairness in developing and implementing these measures.

Are KPIs in CBO a concern for you and your colleagues?

KPIs have a big impact on an employee’s day to day work and your ability to provide best outcomes for customers. They need to be fair and achievable. At recently held FSU workshops around this issue, members have identified the following issues:

  • The current KPI targets do not sufficiently address the disparities in activities allocated to team members. The same targets are set for each team member, irrespective of whether they are given a higher proportion of complex or simple tasks.
  • CBO staff are accountable for the overall error rate of files coming into their team. These errors are pre-existing and largely outside of their control. Failure to identify these errors also impacts their performance rating. This creates a conflict between the error rate target,  quality target and shifts accountability down the line.
  • The rework reduction target is justified on the basis that they should be teaching/assisting other business units their jobs, while still finding time to meet their own targets. CBA should be solely responsible for providing these units with adequate training to do their roles and minimise errors.
  • Staff are expected to provide continuous improvement as part of their KPI yet have little influence over acceptance or implementation as management have the ultimate say/control over their acceptance.
  • CI targets have been increased by 400% since last year without consultation or justification.
  • The banks CommSee system is defective, generating incorrect documents requiring manual correction. The poor quality of this tool and the high manual input required from us, can lead to a higher error rate and a failure to meet quality targets.
  • Team members are responsible for the team being within SLA. Ability to meet this KPI is largely due to factors outside of their control such as the volume and complexity of applications submitted and the number of staff available to complete the applications.

What’s next?

FSU members are calling on management to address these issues. If you believe improvements are needed to the CBO KPI system then it is important that you and your colleagues support each other. Already, in some parts of the country, many CBO employees have provided their support on this issue by completing the FSU online petition.

Have you seen the petition? Have you had your say? The petition is only for CBO employees (FSU members and non-members). Complete it now by using the link below:

Can I complete the FSU petition at work?

Last week  FSU members in CBO identified an email from CBA management to all CBO staff in NSW, WA and Victoria. This email from CBA management refers to the use of work email when engaging with other staff on union matters.

All CBA employees are entitled to engage in this type of collective activity at work and your Union will be writing to the Bank in relation to this staff communication. In the meantime, please take the time to provide your support in addressing KPIs in CBO by using the link above and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

If you or any of your colleagues would like further information on your rights at work, or have any questions or concerns about completing the petition, please contact the FSU immediately for support, advice and assistance.

Not an FSU member yet? Join your Union today here:

Authorised by Julia Angrisano, National Secretary